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We are pleased to announce the “Erbil Tourism and Investment Conference” that will be held in Erbil, Iraq, on August 18, 2023 at the Rotana Hotel. This conference is organized by Al-Emad Group Company. The aim of this conference is to explore and discuss exciting investment opportunities and develop the tourism sector in the Kurdistan region
The conference will include intensive discussion sessions dealing with the benefits of investment and tourism in the region, with the participation of leading companies and institutions in these two sectors. In addition, an interesting tourist tour will be organized within the regions of the region, where the participants can explore the wonderful sights and learn about the beauty of the picturesque nature. The conference will witness presence of decision makers and government officials and there will be an opportunity to communicate with them and exchange views and information on promoting investment and developing tourism in the region. There will be a large presence of media and press, who will have the opportunity to cover the conference and publish important reports and interviews. A strong promotional and advertising campaign will be organized for the conference, with the aim of attracting the interest of companies and investors wishing to explore investment opportunities and expand the tourism sector in Kurdistan. We are very much looking forward to meeting you at the Erbil Tourism and Investment Conference, where you will have opportunities to learn about promising investments and expand the network of relationships in these two important sectors.
Location Erbil - Rotana Hotel
Date August 18, 2023

Al-Emad Group Company

Al-Emad Group Company is one of the oldest and leading Iraqi companies in international transport and logistics services. Company history Our company was established in the mid-seventies of the last century with a main office in Baghdad and branches in Basra, Mosul and Erbil and attached offices in all Iraqi ports, airports and border entry points. Our company represents and acts as an agent for a several of international shipping companies in Iraq. Our company has obtained the certificate of the approved quality management system ISO 9001: 2015 for safety and in the process of getting ISO certificate for complete logistics services of import goods to Iraq. Company expertise Our distinguished work in providing services and participation in international exhibitions since 1976, and Al-Emad Company continues to participate in the Baghdad International Fair, where the experiences in organizing exhibitions and the services provided have made this company in a leading position for companies participating in exhibitions. as our company is one of the vanguard companies organizing the first Nineveh International Fair, where We, in cooperation with the Nineveh Governorate Council, organized the first Nineveh International Exhibition in 2010. Our company proved efficiency in management and supervision, as we managed the exhibition again in 2011 and the following years. Our group of companies provides all possible facilities for those who wish Of the Arab and foreign companies to participate in the exhibitions held in Iraq. What Al-Emad Group offers Al-Emad Group presents a specialized team in reviewing the achievements of the companies participating in the exhibition with superior performance. The group provides integrated services before, during and after the show, as it receives the exhibits from any border point, transports them to the exhibition site, unloads and arranges them inside the exhibition pavilions. in addition to that, it repackages the exhibits and ships them to the original country of origin. Al-Emad Group is characterized by dedication and attention to the details of the logistical process to ensure safe delivery of the exhibits and on time. These comprehensive services are an ideal solution for companies participating in international exhibitions that need reliable and professional support in organizing and executing shipping and logistical arrangements. With Al-Emad Group, companies can rely on their experience and skills in organizing and facilitating the presentation process, allowing them to focus on reviewing their achievements and attracting more business opportunities.

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Welcome to Erbil, the city of history and beauty, a diversified tourism and investment destination in the Kurdistan Region. Erbil is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, with a rich history spanning thousands of years. The city combines between traditional spirit and modern modernity, providing visitors and investors with a unique experience and an exciting opportunity. For tourism, Erbil is characterized by its wonderful cultural and historical attractions. You can explore the ancient Citadel of Erbil, which dates back to the early Islamic period, and enjoy the great views of the city or you can visit the Kurdish Museum, which includes a valuable collection of historical and cultural objects of the Kurdish people. There are also many traditional markets and modern shopping centers where you can enjoy the shopping experience and explore the local culture. As for investment, Erbil have a thriving business environment and promising investment opportunities. Various economic sectors such as tourism, construction, oil\gas and technology are promising opportunities for local and international investors. The local government offers advantages and facilities for investment, such as tax incentives and administrative facilities, to attract investors and promote economic development in the region. Briefly, Erbil embodies the perfect balance between rich cultural heritage and modern sophistication.

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Al-Emad Group provides a specialized team in the field of reviewing the achievements of the companies participating in the exhibition with superior performance. Al-Emad Group provides integrated services before, during and after the show, as it takes care of receiving the exhibits from any point borders, transporting it to the exhibition, unloading and packing it inside the exhibition pavilions, repackaging it and shipping it to the country of origin the original. Our services include providing forklifts, cranes and workers, in addition to exhibitors.